Michael Behrens, düsseldorfi üvegművész saját szavai Underwater-World című munkáiról:

" ...I close my eyes, to approach the sea, inhaling the fragrance of it. Water touches my skin like velvet. Descending under the surface. I will find my inspiration, beauty created by nature, enjoying my surrounding in any shade of colour and shape, reflected by the broken beams of sunshine. Any attentive observer is able to see this marvel & elegancy.

Even though I have been working with kiln formed glass just a few years I am hooked by this fascinating material. Letting the work be influenced by the movement of hot glass, I am exploring the nature of glass and trying to let the glass do its own work, acknowledging its natural qualities. I intervene by designing the outline and fusing colours, mixing transparent and opaque to achieve patterns, playing with form and light. The finished pieces demonstrate the shades of colour and shapes found in the Underwater-World which is my inspiration."

Zenemeg: Smoke City - Underwater Love:

Underwater Love by Smoke City by ôrsten

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